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Tacketts Mill Farm

Preserving the American Heritage of Self Sufficiency 


We are a small family farm located in historic Stafford, Virginia, South of Washington, D.C. and just North of the city of Fredericksburg.  We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of self sufficiency through raising small amounts of livestock and growing our own vegetables and fruit trees.  Our historic farmhouse is located on Aquia Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River. 

We raise poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and quail), rabbits and dairy goats.  We are members of The Livestock Conservancy .  Our turkeys are Spanish Blacks and Standard Bronzes, both listed as heritage breeds.  Among our chickens are the heritage breed Barred Plymouth Rocks.  We also raise and breed the egg-laying Black Sex Link/Black Star hybrid chickens.  Black Stars are renowned for their egg production.  They lay lots of large, brown eggs.  When available, we sell fertilized chicken, turkey and duck eggs for you to hatch at home.  We occasionally sell chicks and adult poultry for pick up at the farm.  We raise rabbits for meat.  Our rabbits are New Zealand whites crossed with white Flemish Giants.  All of our animals are raised humanely. 



Bee hive after we dug the entrance out of the snow.
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